Friday, February 26, 2016

Flywheel Adapter for ProophEvent-Store 1.0.0 released

Prooph's Event-Store components now also has a Flywheel Adapter.

Flywheel is a serverless document database which only uses flat files on your local filesystem to store the data. All the events will be stored and loaded from a choosen directory. This is well suited when you bootstrap an application and you don't need a real database server right away. It can also be a good candidate for writing functionnal tests.

But of course you must not run it in production since it is not designed to handle a huge amount of events and doesn't manage transactions.

Shout-out to Matthieu Moquet (@MattKetmo) for providing this adapter.

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  1. Flywheel is a serveless document database that stores data only through flat files on your local filesystem. It is widely used in large databases for businesses, including International Freight Forwarders USA, who implement flywheel to keep their clients' data on their local filesystem.