Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Introducing the prooph-components for DDD, EventSourcing & CQRS in PHP

Prooph EventStore v6.0 beta 1 is now available with the final version coming along very soon. Time to write a short blogpost about what's new in it.

- History Replay
- Snapshot Support
- Apply Events Late
- EventStream Iterator
- interop config support
- AggregateRepository Factory

History Replay

The read model can be regenerated from history at any point in time by replaying recorded events.

Snapshot Support

If you have way to many events to replay in order to reconstruct the aggregate root, why not take a snapshot? The prooph components ship with different snapshot adapters like MongoDB, Doctrine DBAL and even Memcached backends. So replaying of thousands of events is not a burden any more.

Apply Events Late

Events are only applied after transaction commit to ensure that the aggregate root can never reach an invalid state. This is especially useful for long-running CLI scripts.

EventStream iterator

The event stream is now implemented as an Iterator instead of a simple array. This reduces the memory usage a lot when replaying big event streams.

Interop config support

The components ship with ready-to-use container-interop factories using This makes it really simple to configure the factories.

Want more? Visit to check out the documentation or try out our demo application proophessor-do. Pick up a task and at the sample application to get started with event sourcing and get your hands a little dirty.