Thursday, February 25, 2016

Inheritance with Aggregate Roots in ProophEvent-Store

If you want to make inheritance work with aggregate roots using a common repository for all subtypes, this can be achieved very easily. You need the latest ProophEvent-Store v6.1 to do this.

An example

Consider the following use case:

So in order to make this work, you need 3 small changes in your application.

Step 1: Create a UserAggregateTranslator

Step 2: Change the assertion method in the EventStoreUserCollection

Step 3: Make use of your custom AggregateTranslator

If you use the provided container factory (\Prooph\EventStore\Container\Aggregate\AbstractAggregateRepositoryFactory) then you can also just change the aggregate_translator key in your config to point to the new UserAggregateTranslator and register the UserAggregateTranslator in your container.

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